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  • 29-Jul-2021


Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcome (ECHO) is a training/mentoring collaborative model of education and case management which uses audio and video to reach Health Care Workers (HCW) in sharing best practices to improve the quality of health care services delivery. Project ECHO was initiated by the University of Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a life learning and guided practice model that revolutionizes medical education and exponentially increases workforce capacity to provide best practice specialty care and reduce health inequalities. The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) identified the need of adopting this model for mentorship and training to Health Care Providers, as a cost-effective model of sharing knowledge to many individuals at a short time. The model was officially launched in November 2016 as a training and mentorship model for HIV non-laboratory testers under HIV Lab ECHO Clinic. It aimed to facilitate the certification programme of HIV non-Laboratory Testers who are required to be licensed by the Health Laboratory Practitioner’s Council (HLPC) under the Act No. 22 of 2007 of the Parliament. Since its launch in 2016, the National Health Laboratory Quality Assurance and Training Center (NHL-QATC) was selected as the main hub and five regional hospitals selected to serve as spokes; Iringa Regional Hospital, Njombe (Kibena) Regional Hospital, Mbeya Regional Hospital, Shinyanga Regional Hospital and the Dar es salaam Amana Regional Referral Hospital.