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  1. HLI is implementing A five years project on Strengthening the Quality, Accessibility, and sustainability of the National Health Laboratory Services (HHLS) in the United Republic of Tanzania under Presidents’ Emergence Plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR): Agency; CDC through a sub contract from Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS). The project is running from April 2018 to October 2023. The project is implemented in the 12 regions of Tanzania.
  2. A project under the support of CDC, through IRESSEF which is being implemented to support certification framework for HIV testing and testing sites called Implementation of National Certification Framework for HIV Testing and Testing sites and Rapid Testing Continuous Quality Improvement in Tanzania best practices in Tanzania-running from October 2018.
  3. Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcome (ECHO): Agency; PEPFAR, the CDC under the subcontract of African Field Epidemiology Network-Kampala, Uganda The project is going on from August 2018.